Our History

history.jpgThe concept behind Octopian Global Services came from setting in the customer seat for more than 15 Years.

Established by Experienced team who worked in both IT and Aviation business. We put our  accumulative 50 years of experience to solve what we saw as a customer pain. 

Being a customer , we always faced challenges in obtaining the right partner who understand the Nature & sensitivity of Aviation or  international Business IT infrastructure , and yet have the reach to deliver the services all over the global based on the same quality standards.

Gathering all the gurus within the domain from 4 different continents to establish our concept , capitalized with our knowledge and experience of the business , we had our Headquarters established in Dubai and Germany to target the fastest growing Customer base. Our octopian Arms had reached 189 Locations around the world , with Local Staff and engineers who can deliver all our Customer needs based on tight SLAs for both network and Desktop Infrastructure

Crowning our setup with state-of-the art NOC facility uses the most advance tools to provide proactive Monitoring for both all type of IT infrastructure,Octopian Global Services can deliver ITIL based service management all over the world like no one else can do 


Our Vision


A Specialized  leader in Global IT Services , with our Octopian arms holding firmly on the best quality and price leadership Values.

Our Mission


To be our Customer’s arms around the world, extending their vision to where they exists through our unique Aviation and multinational ICT skills.

We are an organization that operates within the unique overlapped area between two industries, IT services & Aviation. It is rare to find a global IT services provider that possess a real global covering as we do in more than 190+ Cities around the world, keeping a maximum in flexibility. With our Octopian arms surrounding the 6 Contents, we deliver IT implementation and unique Support  ICT Services  where ever you want and when ever you want us to!

Ever thought about deploying your IT strategy at all of your global offices with the same quality, and yet through a single Point of Contact? its Exactly what we Master most through our long experience in such domain.

Ever looked for a partner to over look your IT assets, support it physically anywhere when needed, and yet can provide you with pro-Active troubleshooting before anything weird happens? This is what we are delivering through our State-Of-The Art monitoring and remote management tools.

Are you part of Aviation, Government Affairs or multinational domain that seeks a confirmed service level agreement (SLA) on maintaining its critical ICT assets and operations? This is a service we guarantee through our Firm assured contracts wherever you choose around the world.

Are you a hardware or software Vendor that needs to have a single partner for global Projects with your minimal intervention? We can deliver that to you through our Experienced Virtual Management and Service delivery team who can transform your requirement to a fact on the ground.

Are you an ICT service provider that needs to strengthen your skill set and presence in different regional locations? We can present you all over the world, yet make you proud of our quality of work in front of your customer.

With More than 15 years in a specialized field, we can deliver all type of ICT implementation, 24/7 support access, all level of incident management support services, problem management services , Change management services, Project management and professional services Covering your ICT infrastructure elements wither it’s a desktop or LAN or want, Passive or Active, Octopian Global Services exists in every major City around the world. Completing the work with the best Quality German Engineering can deliver and the least price Dubai Free- Zone can offer.