IT Professional Services

it-prof.jpgAnalysis & Design of:



  • Global Technology
  • Global  IT Supply and Support Services

  • Global IT Business Processes
  • Global Projects
  • IT Productization

Way before the implementation and operational Phase. Octopian Global Services can be your Global Partner in planning your IT infrastructure architecture across different geographical and functional areas. We can define your IT support and implementation business processes and support you in planning your international Projects based on ITiL and  PMP standards . 

As supply and support of global IT infrastructure is more complex than a simple purchase and delivery , we can put our global experience into your hand to help you succeed implementing your International Vision.

Global IT integration Services



  • International IT Project Management
  • Global Service Delivery
  • Global IT implementation
  • Global IT and telecom Commissioning & Acceptance 


With our presence in 189 Cities around the world, we can be your local arms delivering global complex IT projects based on PMP methodologies. such projects covers all activities from purchase, Supply , in-Bound Shipping , Outbound Shipping , Staging , Installation and commissioning of your IT devices and infrastructure. Such Project management services were build into a modular packages to fit your business needs and deliver the service you seek without any additional Overheads.

Through our unique global IT  delivery services , we can provide you with complete end to end ITIL based services management contract that overlook your support needs based on pre-defined SLA's and KPI's

All of our IT integration services can be provided as a complete outsource service or as a modular function that integrates seamlessly into your existing IT business processes or projects when needed.

Global Managed Services



  • 24/7  NOC services ( Desktop & Network Platforms)
  • Global IT Task Force (in-Country Engineers and technicians)
  • IT Change Management
  • IT Problem Management
  • Global Maintenance And support
  • Premium Support Services-Proactive (Network & Desktop)
  • Global Managed IT Support Services
  • Real Time Desktop Monitoring



Our NOC services can handle all support functions based on ITIL standards. with standard NOC service, all customer incidents will be handled and resolved within an agreed SLA from our service catalogs options. With SLA's ranges from 2 hours to 2 business days,the option to support your remote global locations can be predictable.

Our Premium NOC Services provides state of the art tools to manage your IT devices proactively to prevent any loss in your productivity. As we do it for your Network Devices , we can also extend our proactive support to your Desktop infrastructure through Real Time Monitoring.

We provide a variety of global task force services that ranges from basic Time & Material Local Services in 189 cities around the world to complete spare supply and management function in addition to local technical support. Such services can be extended to complete Global IT managed service which will allows you to focus on your core business while we take care of your IT infrastructure


Innovative Network- WAN solutions




  • Real-time site-per-site WAN optimization & QOS enforcement.
  • Hybrid WAN solution - Making use of both MPLS and internet links per site simultaneously.
  • Application Control and Visibility- Optimization of Application bandwidth (infrastructure wide).
  • Applications network perfromance SLA.
  • Dynamic WAN selection . Load Balancing in real-time at remote Sites Links.
  • Network Rightsizing.

Above Technologies target to achieve  upto 70% reduction of corporate WAN cost 

Based on new innovative technology , WAN optimization is more effecient , and can be implemented at site or application level rather than datacenter level. 



Our Promise



  • Global Service through Single Source
  • Service Level Agreement Governance
  • Agility in execution
  • Standard Service Modules
  • Global Fixed Prices
  • Industry Best Practices